Seahorse Inn Waterfront Hotel

Seahorse Inn Waterfront Hotel

The Seahorse Inn is a luxurious boutique hotel, situated on the shores of Twofold Bay, on the New South Wales south coast and commanding stunning views across the bay to Eden.  It offers the astute guest the unforgettable experience of a luxury, contemporary escape in beautiful surroundings.

As guests enter the Seahorse Inn they are greeted with an ambience of old world charm, complimented by an aesthetically luxurious appeal. The newly refurbished Inn offers modern luxury combined with original detail such as hand-carved doors, stained-glass ornamentation, winding staircases, large open grates and attic bedrooms.

The Seahorse Inn offers a choice of dining options, from the proposed elegant Bettena’s a la carte restaurant to the more informal Brasserie. Both restaurants offer a fine selection of foods including locally produced seafood and other gourmet dishes.

The Guest Cocktail Lounge provides the perfect place to unwind and perhaps enjoy a special selection of beverages and fine wines.  The feature circular stairway leads to the bedroom area where there are two more lounges for guests to enjoy, offering complete relaxation.

The Seahorse Inn is set amidst sprawling lawns and lush gardens, offering guests the opportunity of a relaxing stroll around the estate.  An abundance of good quality underground water is used throughout the year to water the lawns and gardens and create a virtual paradise.

Phone: (02) 6496-1361
Address: Boydtown Park Road, Boydtown NSW, Australia