Eden Wharf

Eden Wharf

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In December 1797 George Bass noted Twofold Bay as he travelled south down the New South Wales coast on his way to Tasmania.

On his return voyage in early 1798 he entered the bay for shelter and in the September of the same year returned to explore the area. He named the bay Snug Cove for the security it afforded to shipping. It is here that the Eden Wharf now stands.

The Eden Wharf and Snug Cove share a history rich in whaling, cattle and in the more later years has become home to one of the largest fishing fleets in New South Wales. The main export from the area is woodchip.

In more recent years the port has seen a number of cruise ships enter its waters which are entusiastically welcolmed by locals.

Address: Eden Wharf, 253 Imlay Street, Eden NSW, Australia