Boyd’s Tower

Boyd’s Tower

Boyds Tower built in 1847 was originally designed as a lighthouse by Benjamin Boyd a well known entrepreneur of the area. Boyd planned to base his Steamship Company in Twofold Harbour.

Unfortunately the lighthouse was deemed unsuitable by the Crown and was never used as a lighthouse.

The Tower was used by shorebased whalers to observe whales in particular the Davidson family who used it to spot whales for their whaling operations at Kiah Inlet.

The twenty metre tower is surrounded by the sea on three sides and requires regular maintenance to protect it from the constant erosion.

In 1973 the area was declared a National Park – the Ben Boyd National park – and Boyd’s Tower was added to the Park in 1976. The Tower is recognised for its fabulous views and forms a part of the popular Light to Light Walk which is a 30km walk between Boyd’s Tower and the Green Cape Lighthouse.

Address: Ben Boyd National Park, Edrom NSW, Australia