Australian Pottery at Bemboka

Australian Pottery at Bemboka

Australian Pottery at Bemboka is a gallery featuring Australian pottery made in the last half century, both production ware and exhibition pieces. The owners, Judith and David, are collectors of Australian contemporary pottery based in Bemboka on the far south coast of NSW.

Each season they bring items together in the gallery that demonstrate the diversity of work produced by Australian potters and ceramic artists in the last fifty years.

Australian Pottery at Bemboka welcomes fellow collectors, potters, students, historians and art and craft lovers, or anyone looking for Australian-made functional or decorative items.

None of the items are new. Some are from our own collection, others sourced from the secondary market.

Phone: (02) 6493 0491
Address: Australian Pottery at Bemboka, 24 Oliver Street, Bemboka NSW, Australia