A picture tells a thousand words

Photos are what tourists rely on to choose a holiday property.  They can be harsh judges and properties that present well will book more often than those that don't. It only takes a quick glance for someone to evaluate what they see and form a positive or negative judgement. In fact studies show that viewers generate an opinion in the blink of an eye.

Your accommodation may boast one of the best views in the area, or you may have spent time, effort & money on the interior design. But if the pictures are poor, unprofessional or unappealing, you could risk losing potential customers in an instant.That's why we are updating the photos for all  properties to a professional standard. We'll also be offering floorplans and a virtual tour of your property - where potential guests can virtually walk through your property - the only agent on the Sapphire Coast to do this.  

By negotiating a special deal with a professional photographer,  the cost to owners will be only $230 + GST (normally $400). We are planning to have all properties shot within the next month and this fee will be charged to your next account. If you do not want to have professional photographs taken, please advise us by return email.


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Professional Photographs