How To Enjoy Your Holiday With Your Children
Christmas is not too far away and you are looking forward to your well-earned holiday, so here are some tips from Mum's and Dad's to help make your holiday with your children the best ever.

 Craft Activity: Take some craft activities with you like origami, French knitting, paper collage and materials to make friendship bracelets, dolls, aeroplanes, finger puppets.   Take along some supplies like felt, string, embroidery thread, pompoms, craft kits, sewing kits, model kits, all readily available from craft stores and Spotlight stores.  At home collect toilet roll holders, scrap paper, Christmas wrapping paper, old magazines, old cards, wool, glue, stickers, glitter and sticky tape.   Put everything in a box with some smocks (or old shirts) and a plastic sheet or newspaper to protect surfaces in your holiday accommodation.

Play Equipment:  Take along some balls, skipping ropes, water noodles, boogie boards, bucket and spade sets, snorkels, flippers, frisbees, cards, board games, dvds, audio books and load your iPod with games and audio books.

Research Activities:  Google or contact the local Visitor Information Centre to find out about water parks, swimming pools, recreational parks, safe swimming beaches, kids supervised activities, local markets, local cinemas, tenpin bowling alleys, skating rinks, open days for local points of interest, local library children’s activities or local theatre productions for children.   Check out the local national parks locations and children’s activities, also check out the local newspaper “What’s On” section.

Routines:  A holiday can become chaotic without some routine and rhythm for each day.   Children are less stressed if they know what to expect each day, approximate times for meals, rest times, adventure activities, free play times etc.   Children are more likely to adapt to change if they know there is a routine, even if it is flexible. 

Books and Drawing:  Take along some books , some of your children’s favourites plus some new titles.  If you have time, a visit to the library before your trip is useful.  Drawing books, pencils, textas, colouring in books and puzzle books are all helpful for quiet activities and in the car whilst travelling.

Safety:   A safe holiday is definitely the best holiday.  Adequate sun protection is a must, include hats, sun block, rashivests and shade structures.  It may help to pack a simple first aid kit with items such as bandages, bandaids, insect repellent, stingose or vinegar to treat stings, after sun cream, rescue remedy, tweezers and small scissors.

Comfort:  Remember to take along one item to comfort your child, such as their favourite toy, blanket or pillow.  This will help keep them calm on a long trip and whilst away from home.   Pack a travel bag for each child with their own toys, activities and comforter; this will help them feel responsible for their own things.

Relax, be playful, get into the holiday spirit with your children and have fun!